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Zimmerman Family

Global Ministries is the global mission agency of The United Methodist Church.  Its purpose is to connect the church in mission.  One of the ways that Global Ministries achieves its goals is to recruit, place, and support missionaries. There are more than 300 Global Ministries missionaries serving in more than 60 countries.  A church wishing to support one of these missionaries is asked to form a Covenant Relationship to provide financial, spiritual, and emotional support.  The Church and missionary form a dynamic relationship, praying for each other and communicating regularly.SUMC has had a Covenant Relationship with Dr. Mark Zimmerman and his family for many years.  We financially support by sending money to Global Missions in his name.  We spiritually support through prayer.  Our Sacred Journey’s members have graciously supported this commitment by praying weekly for our missionary and his family.  They also send letters and e-mails.  This year SUMC’s Missions committee would like to help engage the congregation in supporting Dr. Zimmerman.  On April 19, we are going to have cards in fellowship hall for anyone who wishes to write a short note or sign their name .  If you would like to write more, bring a card in from home and place it in the box.  We will mail the cards and a small gift to the Zimmerman family in Nepal.  Below is a little information about Dr. Zimmerman and his wife Deirdre who is also a missionary.  Dr. Mark Zimmerman is a United Methodist missionary assigned to work in Kathmandu, Nepal.  A medical doctor specializing in internal medicine, Mark has been working in Nepal since 1986.  He is currently the director of the Nick Simons Institute (NSI), an organization working in Nepal with a mission to train and support skilled, compassionate rural health care workers.Deirdre is a nutritionist.  Of her work Deirdre shares, “I see this as involvement in God’s work to restore full life and to provide for all the needs of all people: nutrition and health (in all its facets) being essential for people to achieve their God-given potential.” She continues to be busy with the care of their sons and also sees the support of Mark in his work as an important role.  Click the link below to read a letter from the Zimmerman family.

Zimmerman Letter