December 24, 2021 SUMC 9pm Christmas Eve Service

Sunday Worship Services:

Sanctuary & online - 9AM and 10:45 AM

Dec. 24, 2021

1.  Introduction: 

     a.  Rediscover Christmas – The Attributes of Christ Captured in the Story of His Birth.

          i.  Peace: Genuine & lasting peace only comes through faith in Jesus. 

               > Finding Peace in Our Struggles

          ii.  Hope: The confident expectation that is rooted in the one who is 100% dependable—Jesus—not in ourselves or our circumstances.

               > Finding Hope in Our Uncertainties

          iii.  Love: God is Love—If I love God, I will love others like God loves me.

               > Finding Love in Our Differences

          iv.  Joy is not found in the absence of difficulty, but rather in the presence of Jesus.  Joy has its source deep within.

               > Finding Joy in Our Discouragements

          V.  Jesus—Christmas Eve

               > Finding Christ in Our World

     B.  Because Christ has come to be God with Us, we can experience peace, hope, love and joy no matter what struggles we may go through.

2.  “Thank God You’re Here!”

          a.  “Immanuel”, a Hebrew name for Jesus given by Isaiah, which means, “God is with us.”

          b.  Some of us tonight are saying, “If only they were here.”

          c.  Unfortunately, it’s only through this deep experience of loss, pain, grief and emptiness that we really understand the exhilarating, life-altering impact of the phrase, “Thank God you’re here.” 

3.  Celebration of the “Eucharist” or the “Lord’s Supper.”

     a.   “Eucharist” is simply a Greek term for the Lord’s Supper which means, “Thank You.”

     b.  Jesus is the discovery of Christmas.